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Scoooby FAQ

Does Scoooby come with a warranty?
Scoooby comes with a 6 months LIMITED WARRANTY on the electrical components which are the motor, battery, display unit and controller, excluding wear and tear parts.

We also have a Service Support Centre at 19 Tai Seng Avenue, Level 2, Singapore 534054.

Weight limit for a rider?
Scoooby has a safe maximum weight of up to 100 kilograms.
Do note that the scooter’s top speed and distance per charge will decrease slightly for heavier riders.

What is the battery life?
Scoooby’s battery can last up to 30-35km.
A full charge will need just 2-2.5hrs.

How do you operate the Scoooby?
Simply press the power button and the scooter is powered up. You can start scoooby-ing away by pressing on the acceleration throttle with your right thumb.
Brake is controlled by the left thumb throttle.
You can also brake by stepping on the back fender

Can you kick the Scoooby manually like a normal kickscooter?
Yes! You can scoot like normal kickscooter when you wish to get some exercise done. Simply off the power, and there is no motor resistance to restraint movement

Is Scoooby easy to learn how to control?
It is extremely easy to learn to control Scoooby™, anyone can be good at it within 10-15 minutes of trying out.
Some call it a walk in the park

Can the Scoooby climb slopes?
Scoooby 248 is able to handle gentle slopes up to 10-15 degrees. Max speed will be reduced for slopes.
Scoooby 336 and Scoooby 338 is able to handle slope up up to 20-30 degrees (varies with load)

Can Scoooby work in the rain?
For personal safety, do not ride Scooby when it’s raining, or on wet surface

What other precaution to take note?
Safety notes:
Do not ride on the road unless absolutely necessary
Always keep to the left
Dismount and push Scoooby at Traffic Junction, and Zebra Crossing
Do not brake suddenly
Never scoot at high speed, especially at crowded place

Can i refunds / exchange?
Requests for refunds / exchange will not be allowed.

Do I need a PayPal account in order to purchase items?
No, you can pay by debit/ credit cards without having a PayPal account.

Is it safe to use my credit card to purchase products?
Absolutely, Yes! To increase your security, we do not collect your credit card information. Credit card numbers are collected by PayPal on our behalf and their privacy policies can be viewed here.

Can I cancel my order?
As your order is processed immediately, you will not be able to cancel your order once you have confirmed payment.

Where do you ship to?
Currently, we ship to Singapore,Taiwan, Cambodia,and Malaysia. We will gladly ship to anywhere in the world at an affordable shipping rate.
If you’re interested in getting a Scoooby but not based in Singapore, drop us an email at

Extended Warranty
Covers the following parts for up to 12 more months
Display Board
Does not include battery and other parts that are subjected to wear & tear
Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Scoooby reserves the right to charge or refuse providing service in the following cases.
     a) Unauthorized repairs or modification done.
     b) Damages caused by abuse, accidents, misuse or by water and fire.
2. A valid online warranty registration or purchase receipt must be produced.
3. Servicing Charge(s) covers the following,
     a) General cleaning of the product.
     b) Inspection/Trouble-shooting of the product. (Exclude repair for non-warranty parts,components, sub-system.)
     c) Labour for re-greasing and adjusting of parts, component, and sub-system including screws and bearings.
     d) Labour for the change or repair of faulty parts, components, subsystem due to manufacturer's defect within warranty period.
4. Labour charge(s) covers the following,
     a) Time spent replacing/upgrading parts that are not covered or have an expired warranty.
     b) Any other services(s) that requires specialized skills.
5. The service request form must be produced when claiming for repaired product(s). In the case of this receipt or failure to pay stipulated fee(s), Scoooby reserves the right to refuse handling over the product(s).
6. Scoooby will not be liable for any damage to the product while in our premises or during transportation or in any other contingencies beyond our control.
7. The product must be checked at the time of collection as no claims will be entertained thereafter. Defective and/or faulty parts or components replaced will not be returned to customers.
8. Full service charge will be levied for products sent in for estimation or quotation purposes.
9. With the expectation of parts that are replaced, Out of Warranty/Paid repairs carry a one month warranty from date of completion of repair. Parts that are replaced carry a three month warranty from date of completion of repair.
10. In the event where demonstration or any form of service other than repair are provided and in the provision of such services, expenses are incurred, such expenses will be borne by the customer.
11. Scoooby may use the information it gathered to write to or telephone you for customer satisfaction surveys. Scoooby will not disclose confidental information to other parties without your consent.
12. The product must be collected within 30 days from date of notification. If the product is not collected within this period, the product will be disposed in any manner we deem fit without any liability whatsoever.
13. Scoooby reserves the right to make any amendments to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. We advise you to review our T&Cs periodically.

Scoooby Care Membership
Members enjoy 10% discount off repair charges & any purchase of accessories at Scoooby Care Centre
Please present either one of the following at our Scoooby Care Centre to verify your membership
Name, Contact No, or Serial No. of Scoooby