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About Scoooby

Scoooby is started by a few good men who are passionate about Portable Electric Vehicles (PEVs) and the PEVs' vast benefits to everyone.
Some of the benefits includes:
1) Enhances Mobility and a great last mile solution for ever urbanized city.
2) Improve Company's Productivity and Efficiency
3) Fun to play with Friends and Family
4) Green and Energy Efficient... preserving the Earth for many loved generations to come

We have a series of products lined up in our product development road map for the young generation, busy executives, and the elder seniors.

We at Scoooby believes in delivering the Best End to End Customer Service Experience, and want our customers to enjoy the whole product purchase cycle with us. We have set up Test Drive location, conveniently located in different parts of Singapore. Our beloved customers can easily purchase Scoooby directly or from our online store. Our beloved customers can also communicate easily with us via Emails, WhatsApps, WeChat, Viber, and Facebook. 

Our Vision
To enhance everyone's everyday lives with Fun, Innovative Portable Electric Vehicle Solution and Product.

Our Mission
To deliver Quality, Safe and Reliable Product with  Best-in Class Customer service.

Our Values and Beliefs
We are guided by a set of core values that lays the foundation to serve you better.


  • We uphold high level of Integrity.
Customer Focus and Passion to Serve
  • We desire to deliver the Best-in Class Customer Service that delights, and build long-lasting relationship with our Customers.
Team Work
  • We have trust and respect for all individuals, customers, co-workers, suppliers, and all stakeholders.
  • We develop positive, energetic, and fulfilling team.
  • We achieve our common objectives through teamwork.
  • We focus on a high level of achievement and contribution.
Willing to Grow
  • We commit to continual improvement, and constant upgrading.
  • We encourage flexibility and innovation.
  • We are focus on providing solution, and solving problem, laying the foundation for us to grow.