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Scoooby in East Coast Park - Singapore

Electric Scooter routes in East Coast – Singapore Fancy a ride in East Coast in Singapore but the worries of a flat battery concern you? The full distance of the route in East Coast is 22.7km. Scoooby Electric Scooter allows you to fully enjoy East Coast without worrying about the battery. A single full charge of the Scoooby Electric Scooter will allow you to travel up to 35km which is enough juice. Time to enjoy the cool sea breeze and conveniences with Scoooby Electric Scooter now.

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Things you can do in 2hours

Our ability to control time is non-existent, but while charging Scoooby Electric Scooter for the next 2 hours. What can you do in the meantime? We had put together a list of some ideas on what you can do in these 2 hours while waiting for your Scoooby scooter to be charged. If these ideas aren’t sufficiently inspiring, please share your ideas and activities with us. Catch up on all your emails. Planning a romantic evening for your significant other. Catch a movie or a show that you missed. Get in that much needed physical work out. Plan a weekend...

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Safety tips for electric scooter

Safely Tips when riding an electric scooter Every vehicle has its own safety and precautions to make people safe and how these vehicle works. Here are some safety tips and precautions that you should watch out for when riding an electric scooter by Scoooby: Only ride the electric scooter alone. The more people you ride with, the more dangerous it is for both the riders and the passengers as the electric scooters aren’t designed to handle more than 1 people. Do not do stunts like with bicycles and skateboards. Electric scooters might be made of durable materials, but they aren’t...

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A Buying Guide for a good Electric Scooter

A Buying Guide for a good Electric Scooter Unable to choose a good electric scooter from the vast range of electric scooters in the market? We have come together with some guides and tips for you to discover the right electric scooter for you. Firstly, what is an electric scooter? As the name implied, an electric scooter is a scooter that runs on electric power. No petrol or gas required and it is environment friendly. Simply charge up the battery packs in the electric scooter and you will be able to operate it like any vehicles. Why an electric scooter?...

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Electric scooter, a new substitute for transport

Scoooby scooter turns a 20 minute walks into effortless five minute ride. Electric scooters are practical, efficient and useful. These scooters had been a good idea even before they were electric. Why electric scooter when you can go hoverboards? Although hoverboard are cheaper, however the high price of an electric scooter is requried to make a safe product (you know, so it won't catch on fire). Hoverboards are harder to control, cannot handle slopes and serve as a toy rather than a transport tools. Electric scooters allow people to fulfil their daily routine (faster way to get to grocery store...

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