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Scoooby STEP

Scoooby Singapore proudly presents the all-new Scoooby STEP Electric Scooter!

A fully LTA compliant personal mobility device, the all-new Scoooby STEP only weights around 12kg, with a range of 20 to 25km distance coverage. 

Scoooby Step is the first of its kind that used the "Step to Go"concept!  Step on the button to throttle and move your way! This Scoooby STEP pride itself as the first electric scooter in the market by the local company to be certified as *UL2272 compliant.

Delivering nothing but smooth & comfortable ride, Scoooby STEP is equipped with an advanced 10" front and rear pneumatic tires that give less friction with minimal wear and tear effect on the unit.

Scoooby STEP! STEP into the breeze of the easy and safe ride! 

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