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Maintenance Guide for Your Scoooby Electric Scooters

Spent an hours every 2 weeks to do some maintenance work will help to keep your Scoooby work efficiently and last longer.
  • Cleaning
Every mobility devices need cleaning and your Scoooby is no different. Use a cloth and appropriate cleaners to clean the surface of your Scoooby every 2 weeks.
  • Lubrication
After cleaning, make sure all those moving parts are protected and working as efficiently as possible with a proper lubing. This can include your brakes, folding mechanism etc.
  • Tires
Check your tires conditions regularly check to enjoy longer tire life. The inappropriate surface of the tires will increase the friction between road and tire.
  • Keep your battery topped off
Some batteries can handle being drained all the way down but in general, it is a good idea to always charge your battery when you can. Keeping your battery topped off is good for the overall life of your battery and it helps if you have an unexpected trip you need to make and you need the extra juice.
  • Be ready for weather
Protect your scooter from dust, moisture, and sunlight. It’s is recommended to park your Scoooby Scooter in shade to avoid extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and rain, as it can damage the body. You can protect it by putting a waterproof cover on it.

A proper maintenance for your Scoooby is important if you want to avoid any large fixes or replacements down the road. These are some quick and easy maintenance items that you can do for yourself that will help to greatly extend the useful life of your Scoooby.


PS: Stay tuned for our upcoming post to know more about Maintenance Schedule!

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