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Electric scooter, a new substitute for transport

Scoooby scooter turns a 20 minute walks into effortless five minute ride.

Electric scooters are practical, efficient and useful. These scooters had been a good idea even before they were electric.

Why electric scooter when you can go hoverboards? Although hoverboard are cheaper, however the high price of an electric scooter is requried to make a safe product (you know, so it won't catch on fire). Hoverboards are harder to control, cannot handle slopes and serve as a toy rather than a transport tools.

Electric scooters allow people to fulfil their daily routine (faster way to get to grocery store and train station). These electric scooter are portable, powerful and useful. It turn a 20 minutes walks to a grocery store into an effortless five minutes ride with the electric scooter.

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