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Things you can do in 2hours

Our ability to control time is non-existent, but while charging Scoooby Electric Scooter for the next 2 hours. What can you do in the meantime?

We had put together a list of some ideas on what you can do in these 2 hours while waiting for your Scoooby scooter to be charged. If these ideas aren’t sufficiently inspiring, please share your ideas and activities with us.

  1. Catch up on all your emails.
  2. Planning a romantic evening for your significant other.
  3. Catch a movie or a show that you missed.
  4. Get in that much needed physical work out.
  5. Plan a weekend trip with your family or friends.
  6. Have a meal with friend, partner or colleague.
  7. Update your social media profiles.
  8. Update your resume.
  9. Volunteer for a charity you like.
  10. Learn a new foreign language. (It takes an average of 126hours in total)
  11. Clean up your room and house.
  12. Read that book that’s been waiting in your shelves.
  13. Give yourself a clothing makeover
  14. Shopping for groceries and other items.
  15. Take a nap

What are some of the activities you can do in 2hours? Share it with us.

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