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“Worried about upcoming e-scooter legislation? Sign up now and we will keep you up to date and support you with the registration of your e-scooter”

Dear Valued Customers,

The government has mandated the registration of electric scooters (e-scooters) used on public paths which will be done after June 2018. Only the scooters that fulfil the following requirements are allowed to be registered for use on public paths.

(Photo Source: MoveHappy.SG)

However, other types of PMDs such as electric hoverboards or unicycle ares not required to be registered.

The exact instructions for the registration have not been announced yet. Please submit the details of your purchase and contact information in THIS FORM [] to receive regular updates from us pertaining to the upcoming legislation and to allow a smooth registration when more information is released.

Not an existing customer? No worries, we’d be more than happy to help you with the registration too! Please submit the information in the FORM [] and we’ll do our best to help you scoot legally and safely.


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